[Screenflow video] How to fix video recording errors when editing your screencast video

You may be surprised how often I have to apply the technique above in my screencasting and eLearning projects.  It’s the rare thing when I can record an extemporaneous screencast tutorial perfectly with no blemishes or touches that need to be applied in the editing stage.

In fact (again!), there’s a 3-second snippet beginning at 3:57 in the video above where I had to use exactly the technique I show in the video to cover up a blemish.

See if you can spot this in the video

how to fix text errors in screencast video BEFORE


how to fix text errors in screencast video AFTER


Screenflow, Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Macintosh: It’s all good

Although I used Telestream’s Screenflow (Macintosh only) to demo this technique in the video above (hmmm… come to think of it: I seem to find myself using Screenflow more and more these days…), in fact the same technique can be applied using similar features in Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Macintosh.

Can you find the video artifact?

So, take a look.  Let me know if you can tell what the issue was that caused the artifact at 3:57 that I then had to cover up using the very technique we talk about in this video.

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  1. Hey Mel, I thought this post was really useful. I didn’t know about the background colour selection tool. A bit like Tip-ex correction fluid for videos. This is a real time saver, thanks

    • Thanks, Stephen. lol, “…tip-ex correction fluid for videos,” I love that. I think that’s about the gist of it. 🙂

  2. michaelglasser

    This works great, but you can also just use a text box. It allows for a background where you can set the color that you wish. One item instead of two – and saves a bit of time. Either way works fine, though – it is not as if your method is wrong.

    • You won’t get any arguments from me, Michael. Your suggestion definitely shaves off a whole ‘nother step in the workflow. I love it. Thanks for contributing that. 🙂

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