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...Then let's connect. I'm a Learning Solutions professional. I manage teams and projects that design and develop learning environments where it's safe for learners to fail while building new skills.

I'm also a hands-on instructional designer; my designs are inspired by principles of cognitive load theory, spaced repetition and social learning to transform skills and human performance.

Mel Aclaro - eLearning Portfolio

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The portfolio above represents a small sample of my eLearning projects. On any given day, I'm typically knee-deep in one training development project, or another. Although I have a lot of experience with having created and delivered instructor-led training (ILT) programs, I'm in my element transforming ILT courses to online and video-based learning programs (i.e., eLearning).

Screencasting for Small Businesses

In addition to developing eLearning programs, I also make screencasts. A screencast is a video of something that happens on your computer screen. They're great for: software training, online product demos, online presentations...stuff like that. Here are some examples:

  • Product marketing demo. Here's an example of the type of screencast marketing demos I typically create. I authored this one for a product partnership between Kareo and BackChart.

  • Proof of concept. Here's another featuring a proof of concept for patient engagement using Google Glass. I authored this one for the Chief Medical Information Officer at a leading EHR company headquartered in southern California.

Published Course Author: "Digital-Know-How"


I dig what I do so much that I invest personal time to develop online training programs for education marketplaces like Udemy and My philosophy is to blend social networks to make training programs engaging—and supportive.

My Learn Screencasting courses represent an online learning library about screencasting using Camtasia Studio, ScreenFlow for Mac and Camtasia for Mac.  These courses cover the spectrum from beginner to advanced with topics spanning fundamentals of screencasting to advanced topics such as audio, alternate presentation formats and picture-in-picture type course development. You can learn more about my courses here.

What'll You Find On This Blog?

Screencasting and online learning tips, techniques and best practices.  You'll find stuff here about helping you or your friends learn what I know about digitizing knowledge and getting it online.  My friends and subscribers like to use that know-how to create their own digital content to:

  • engage more powerfully through online audio/video content, 
  • market their business,
  • or monetize their experiences.

I regularly release new ebooks, workbooks, templates and productivity tools related to this very subject matter throughout the year.  Sign up for my updates; I'll tell you when they roll out.

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