YouTube and Beyond – Seven Powerful Video Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Leads in the Next 30 Days

“Oh yeah… that’s my webinar.”

I had to laugh at one of those surreal moments we all have every now and then.   This morning I was scrubbing through all my emails to catch up on all the ones I didn’t get to yesterday while I was at the REBarcamp in OC. (A great event, by the way, which I want to tell you more about in another post.)   Anyway, in one of the emails in my inbox, I came across this headliner for an upcoming webinar at NAR (National Association of REALTORS(R):

Mel Aclaro - YouTube and Beyond NAR webinar

The surreal part was that I remember being alarmed.  It sounded so darned familiar; I started spooling up because I thought, “Damnit! I was supposed to deliver a topic like that.  Someone screwed up and booked someone else for the same event I was supposed to deliver!”

Then I kicked myself… I saw the speaker line:

Duh. What a loser I am.  Have you ever had one of those moments?

I’m off to get more coffee…