Highlights From Product Camp SoCal 2011

I’ll be semi-liveblogging today (Saturday, October 15, 2011) while I’m at the ProductCamp SoCal 2011 event.  If you’re here in person, send out a shout on twitter (@MelAclaro) and let’s connect. In the meantime, feel free to share the posts below on Facebook, or wherever. And, if you have questions for speakers in my session while I’m live blogging it, feel free to post a question and I’ll try and pose your question to the speaker.

Download the Interactive Meeting Notes From SMMOC’s July 9 2011 Meetup

SMMOC Interactive Meeting Notes (v-1.0)|1.79 MB|downloads: 891
You must use Adobe Reader (not 'Preview' or other viewers) to view this document. You know the drill. This is the interactive mindmap of the highlights from Orange County's Social Media Mastermind (SMMOC) group. It opens in an interactive PDF viewer. It has expandable branches and live hyperlinks to key resources. (If you find this useful, I'd appreciate you helping out by: 1. Liking the article above and 2. Telling your friends!)

The download above also includes links to key sites, people and photos of the white board notes from the meetup.  (Tip:  There’s also a 20% discount code for Blogworld LA that was passed to us from @BlogWordldExpo for pricing in the upcoming Blogworld LA on November 3rd.)

In addition to the meeting notes above, my friends Bob Watson, Stacey Harmon and Scott Schang also included their own video recap of the meeting’s highlights.

Facebook’s ‘something awesome’ is Skype integration

Facebook set some high expectations earlier this week when Mark Zuckerberg announced to reporters that they would be announcing “something awesome” today.  Naturally, that brought on a lot of speculation as to what that might be — including the suggestion of rolling out video chat. (Via Facebook’s investor relationship with Microsoft and the latter’s acquisition a few months ago of Skype.)  Indeed, that’s the case.

What Next?

It’s possible that you don’t yet have the feature enabled.  As they do with many of their new features, Facebook will begin enabling a smaller subset of their user base and then roll it out to more users over time.

Keep an eye out for the Call button when you navigate to the profile of one of your Friends.  Based on the videos above, you should expect to see it in the upper-right corner of your Friends’ profile pages and between the Message and Poke buttons.

Are you one of the lucky ones who have it enabled yet?

Highlights-Social Media Mastermind Orange County (SMMOC) Meetup

SMMOC Highlights – June 11, 2011

The highlights in the mindmap below will be most relevant to you if you participated in today’s SMMOC mastermind meetup.  But…

social media mastermind (smmoc) meeting notes(Click to zoom the image. Scroll down to download the interactive map.)

…But, MindMapping Output Formats Are Getting More Ubiquitous

Even if you’re not a regular attendee of our mastermind meetings, you’ll still find some value in downloading the (free) PDF below.  (Update:  FYI. The download file is a different format than the image above.  The download is an interactive Adobe player file.  It’ll let you expand branches and see associated references.)

In addition to including some valuable reference links we shared in today’s meeting, I think you’ll find it interesting to experience one of the interactive output formats available through some of the mindmapping software you’ve seen me use before in many of my training videos.  (You’ll need the latest [free] Adobe Reader, if you don’t already have it.)

‘Getting Any Ideas?

What ideas come to mind about how you might use mindmaps in your own online content creation projects?

SMMOC Meeting Highlights - June 11 2011 (v-2.0)|1.94 MB|downloads: 741
You must use Adobe Reader (not Preview or other viewers) to view this document. Interactive meeting highlight notes. Mindmap format with included links to valuable online references. Don't forget to follow those in the Attendees list. They're good folks to follow who can help you with great ideas for your social media and online content creation projects. (If you find this useful, I'd appreciate you helping out by: 1. Liking the article and 2. Telling your friends!)

For Memorial Day, Please REMEMBER.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Consider that “X” above.  Think of it as a simple marker.  A marker to represent the complexity of a single life.

Maybe yours. Perhaps your mother’s?  Your brother? Your sister?  All the joy, hopes, even past accomplishments and future potential — all represented very simply by a simple “X”.

Using this simple label, your family, perhaps, (Dad, Mom, Sally, Jimmy, Lila) might be represented like this:


Or, your circle of friends might simply be represented this way:


Or, maybe your cheer squad…


Whatever.  The point being that, just for a moment, pretend that each “X” is a point that represents a unique stream of life events.  Each with a different history.  Each with a different set of future possibilities.  Each with different motivations, relationships, and sacrifices.


Four Points-of-view On Social Strategies for Large and Personal Brands

Last Saturday I moderated one of the panel discussions at the ProductCamp SoCal conference at CSU Fullerton.  With me were the four points of view represented by esteemed colleagues from the Social Media Mastermind Orange County (SMMOC) roundtable.

Notably my panelists included:

We explored some interesting topics around social media strategies for large and small brands.

Our panel was made especially interesting because of the questions some of you contributed ahead of time through an earlier post I made requesting your help, as well as in the SMMOC group on Facebook.  Also, the other thing that made this panel so engaging was the fact that our panelists didn’t do all the talking.

As barcamps are wont to do, our full house of attendees contributed quite a bit to the discussion.  You’ll see from the video that a lot of our attendees were really quite keen to share some of their own experiences and case studies.

I posted the panel discussion in three parts and bundled them together above in a handy little playlist.

Highlights Include:

  • Opening thoughts about (mine) about terms like “social media revolution” or “paradigm shift” perhaps no longer being accurate statements.  (I also followed that up with another video post after the conference in the post titled, “Is Social Media STILL a Shifting Paradigm?”)
  • Thoughts contributed by each panelist about establishing a baseline definition about any differences between “large” vs. “personal” brands.
  • A discussion about differences between large and personal brands and how larger brands seem to have more infrastructure and resources while smaller (personal) brands have to be a lot smarter and resourceful.
  • The role of consistency and conversation in brand persona.
  • The importance that brands assign resources to monitoring and listening to the social stream.
  • The importance of organizations empower employees to communicate directly with customers in the social stream.
  • Further discussions (debate?) about whether or not social media is indeed still a “paradigm shift” or whether it’s now a “new normal” with implicit changes being more a manifestation of change as opposed to unique effects of social media.
  • Education and training’s role in building an effective social media strategy.
  • Some thoughts about whether or not the popularity of social media is a Gen-Y-driven phenomenon or is social media’s adoption more a result of the “older” generation’s championing and adoption?

If you were on the panel, what additional thoughts would you have added about strategic considerations for social media in brand development?

YouTube and Beyond – Seven Powerful Video Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Leads in the Next 30 Days

“Oh yeah… that’s my webinar.”

I had to laugh at one of those surreal moments we all have every now and then.   This morning I was scrubbing through all my emails to catch up on all the ones I didn’t get to yesterday while I was at the REBarcamp in OC. (A great event, by the way, which I want to tell you more about in another post.)   Anyway, in one of the emails in my inbox, I came across this headliner for an upcoming webinar at NAR (National Association of REALTORS(R):

Mel Aclaro - YouTube and Beyond NAR webinar

The surreal part was that I remember being alarmed.  It sounded so darned familiar; I started spooling up because I thought, “Damnit! I was supposed to deliver a topic like that.  Someone screwed up and booked someone else for the same event I was supposed to deliver!”

Then I kicked myself… I saw the speaker line:

Duh. What a loser I am.  Have you ever had one of those moments?

I’m off to get more coffee…