Beyond YouTube 101 – Eight Factors To Juice Your Viewer-Influence

Gawd!  Fifteen minutes isn’t a lot time.  (Especially when you put me at the front of a room with about 100 attendees and then put a microphone in my hand.)  🙂  But, fifteen tiny little minutes is what each of us speakers had at last Friday’s Social Media Day event here in Orange County (#SMDAYOC).

Check out the video above; I was speaking a tad faster than I really wanted.  (Though my wife would suggest, “Eh, that’s about par…”)  But, while I had to abbreviate the topics quite a bit, I did manage to get the high level descriptions out, as well as giving the attendees a few actionable takeaways for YouTube videos that relate to each of the six psychological factors of persuasion:  Social Proof, Reciprocity, Like-ability, Commitment & Consistency, Authority and Scarcity.

In fact, I even managed to squeak-in a couple of important additions to include the role of  Truth and Transparency.

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Download the Mindmap Presentation and MP3 Audio File

If you’re reading this post before 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012, then there should be a “sticky post” at the top of the main page that includes a link to an “attendees only ‘secret’ page” that will let you download the interactive mindmap presentation.

But, I’ll be taking the sticky post down after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  So, if you’re hitting this post after that cut-off, then just head over to the downloads page (after the free subscribe page) and you’ll not only be able to download the mindmap I use in the presentation, but you’ll also be able to download the MP3 audio file, as well as the transcript of the presentation.

Are the Six Factors Exploitative?

Otherwise, what do you think about me championing those six factors of psychological persuasion?  Am I being naive?  Do they have potential to open us up for exploitation?

Social Media Day Orange County – #SMDAYOC

June 29, 2012

Hey!  This is an open letter to all my friends — as well as new friends whom I will meet (have met?) today at Social Media Day OC 2012.  As of this writing, I’m looking forward to personally meeting a lot of you today.  I am presenting a session topic; I am typically asked if my presentation will be available for download.  Short answer: yes.  Scroll further for a little info about the materials for my session topic today.

And, feel free to find out more about me and connect.

What’s Social Media Day About?


If this is your first time here and your first time hearing about Social Media Day, it is, in a nutshell an annual global event (as declared and ground swelled by Mashable) to recognize “the digital revolution that’s happening right before our eyes.”

Now, whether or not you think social media is still the revolution a lot of folks say it is (I mean, how long does a revolution last anyway? ‘Seems like we’ve been revolutionizing for at least half a decade now, right?), there will in any case be a lot of folks gathering to discuss, learn and share stories about social media and their experiences with it in business and local communities.  I, for one, am looking forward to hearing from friends about novel ways in which they’re seeing social media being used for social good and humanitarian efforts around the world.  (Please share some of your experiences about that in the comments below.)

Presentation Icon Session Topic: Beyond YouTube 101 – Eight Factors To Juice Your Viewer-Influence

My contribution today will be to host a session topic:   I’ve agreed to speak on the topic of web video and YouTube.  But, rather than hit points about YouTube 101 basics, the topic I’ll be addressing in my 4:15 p.m. (PST) session today will be: Beyond YouTube 101: 8 Factors to Juice Your Viewer-Influence.

For my session attendees, I’ll post a link to my presentation as a sticky post at the top of this page.  There won’t be a need to signup or subscribe; just go up there and get it.  But, make sure you get it before midnight Sunday morning 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 3rd, if you don’t want any strings attached because I’ll be taking the banner down after Social Media Day (global) ends.  After that, it — along with some additional related downloads — will be available for  ScreencastingWizard subscribers in the download area.  It’ll still be free, it’s just that you’ll have to subscribe to get it after Saturday night.  Fair enough?

Okay.  That’s it for now.  If you’re in the vicinity of Orange County, California today and are planning on attending Social Media Day OC, please make sure and find me and say hi!  I love taking relationships from the URL sphere to the IRL venues.

SMMOC Meeting Highlights – March 3 2012


My friend, Ron Siegel, asked me once if he could watch over my shoulder as I make one of these mindmaps during our meeting.  We haven’t yet been able to connect on that, but Ron was my inspiration for capturing a screencast of the notes I took from yesterday’s SMMOC meetup.  The video above was captured using Ron’s inspiration, Camtasia for Mac, and then sped up about 5000% using Final Cut.

Mindjet Mind ManagerTo view the actual mindmap notes from yesterday’s SMMOC meeting — and which is featured in the video above — click the image below.  And, in case you’re wondering what software I use to make my mindmaps, it’s no secret: I use MindJet’s Mind Manager to make all of my mindmaps.  (Tip:  Make sure and click embedded links in the mind map to click-through to related resources, people, images and places.)

smmoc mindmap meeting notes - March 3 2012

(Click to view in a new window)

Why Mind Manager?

While there are many mind map software packages you can get easily enough–some of them for free–I’ve grown accustomed to MindJet’s tool as I’ve used their products since version 1.0.

BUT, more than just it all being a loyalty thing, there are some very practical features of MindJet’s tools that you won’t find in many others.  Some of these benefits include:

  • The ability to easily share mindmaps in various formats — including the interactive one you see above — in a way that doesn’t require the recipient to own a copy of the mind map software themselves
  • The ability to download many free templates
  • Rich features that include a stock of icons and graphics that you can easily embed into your mindmap in click-and-drag fashion
  • An active online community with many users sharing tips, tricks and more templates

There are more benefits, but those above are the highlights.


If you have any questions about how I produce my video screencasts, the effects I use, about any of the tools and services you see on my site, or if you’d like to suggest a future topic, let me know: just post a comment below or via one of the many social networks you’ll probably find this in.  🙂


If you found this helpful, feel free to share it.  You help me; you help your friends.  Thanks in advance.