Facebook – What’s the Difference Between the Newsfeed and the Wall? Part 2.

So, How Exactly Is My Facebook ‘Wall’ Different From My Facebook ‘Newsfeed’?


Yesterday, I addressed Part 1.  It addressed one of the FAQs about the Newsfeed.  That is, it being a section of your Facebook functionality that shows updates about your friends.  But, that’s not all there is to the Newsfeed.

In yesterday’s video, you also learned about some of the filtering aspects of the Newsfeed and, maybe more importantly, the powerful way in which it allows each of us to give “social validation” to off-site content via our Facebook network.

In the video above, I pulled another module from the Video Courses Library to address the second part of the question — the Wall.


While the Newsfeed gives updates about the activities of your friends; the Wall gives updates about activities related to you.

Does this help?  I know the question I’m addressing in this 2-parter will continue to be asked every now and then.  That’s not a problem.  I’m happy to help.  And, now I can at least augment my answers by sending a link to this series.

I hope you feel free to do the same.

By The Way, Let’s See If You Notice Something

By the way, Facebook recently made an update to some functionality I mention in the video.  It could conceivably be added as new functionality in the video topic.  Can you pick it out?

[Video] Four Areas of Facebook Privacy Settings — Know Them!

(Video: From topic #9 of the 20-part Facebook video course.  Part of the 5-course MelAclaroDotCom video/screencast titles.)

“Facebook is the slowly warming pot of water and we, my friends, are the frog. By the time we noticed our peeling skin, another hunk of our privacy is long gone…”
~Helen A. S. Popkin, MSNBC

If you had asked me a few months ago if I think we’ll see social network privacy legislation on the congressional agenda sometime in the next three years, I would have said yes.   But, ask me that same question today…okay, I would still say yes.

Without a doubt, social network privacy is an issue.  But, what’s weird is that, despite it being the issue that it is in weekly news, I still have friends who remain bewildered about the process of manipulating your privacy preferences.  And, perhaps worse than ignoring your privacy settings on Facebook and other social networks, is to follow in the steps of one of my immediate relatives (whom shall remain nameless for fear of being disowned by the eldest of my two younger sisters), that is: to choose NOT to participate at all on Facebook for fear of sharing too much information.

“Joining Facebook is a conscious choice… Don’t share if you’re not comfortable.”
~Elliott Schrage, Facebook VP

Whichever side of the fence you’re on regarding the issue of participating or not participating in spite of the privacy issues, you may agree that knowing is half the battle.  (Indeed, half the fun, some would say.)

So, it’s in that spirit that I put together the informational video above.  It’s actually an extract from a 20-part video/screencast series on the topic of Facebook.  And that topic itself is part of a larger 5-part series spanning Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging with WordPress.

Email Is Also Social Media

Once again, we had another great meeting at this past weekend’s meetup with the Social Media Mastermind, Orange County (SMMOC) roundtable professionals.  By the way, if you haven’t been to one of those, and you live in Southern California, you should try attending one.  Here’s where you can get more information about upcoming events.


In any case, one of the questions that came up for discussion during our last meeting (and we talked about a lot of things including Rockmelt and–get this–placing QR Codes on sheep (?!)) was the role of email in social media marketing activities for businesses.

How Do You Define Social Media?

Now, if you ask me, if you take the definition of social media as a media channel for social interaction using highly accessible and scalable web-based publishing techniques to turn communication into interactive dialogues,  then you also have to consider email as part of that venn diagram of social media channels, as well.

Now, one of the things we were talking about on this topic was that all the activities that we’re used to doing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so on — these are things we do in social networks.  And while there’s a place for business and marketing in social networks, I wouldn’t actually recommend trying to garner a point-of-sale transaction in a social network.

The point of sale is still better-managed within email-as-social-media vs. social-networks-as-social-media.

What do you think?  If you’re a business owner, how do you actually make an online sale?  Do you find yourself doing that in social networks?  Or, is there a process you follow that leverages email and dedicated online ecommerce locations?  What have you found effective?