DevLearn Day 1 Highlights – Invention Does Not Equal Innovation

If you were at DevLearn 2011 yesterday, then I hope your sessions have been productive.  Or, at least interesting.

For my part, I really enjoyed the Keynotes from Michio Kaku and Thomas Koulopoulos.  In fact, I found Thomas’ keynote especially insightful; I was compelled to pick up his new book, The Innovation Zone.  As you can see, he was also kind enough to sign it for me… well, sort of.

I bought his book via a Kindle download right there in the conference room.  I pushed that ‘ol Amazon 1-click button even he was making the case for why invention and innovation don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.  Suffice to say, the problem of how to sign a Kindle book proved to be our own innovation challenge.  So we snapped this picture instead.

Nov 2 (Day 1): DevLearn 2011 Highlights - Invention Does Not Equal Innovation (v-1.0)|2.9 MB|downloads: 699
Remember: You have to use Adobe Reader (NOT Mac 'Preview' or other PC 'viewers') to view this document. This opens in an INTERACTIVE Mindmap viewer. It has expandable branches and live hyperlinks. (Source)

The download above contains my notes highlighting the sessions from yesterday’s (Wed., November 2, 2011) Day 1 series.  Feel free to download it.  Spread it around.  No need to sign up for anything.  Just click it.

If I were to suggest a few branches in the mindmap to focus your attention, I’d have to say that in addition to messages under both keynotes, the Qualcomm presentation by Vicki Nardone and BJ Schone (How Social Technologies Connect Learners) had special relevance for me.  The reason is that I’m working with Kareo right now to continue building-out and updating all their online customer training modules and courses.  And, one of the plans on my 1-year horizon is to enhance all the online training modules with a social/community learning platform.  I’d like to see Kareo strengthen the community that’s already growing around its brand and then build on that by facilitating an informal learning environment and knowledge reinforcement platform.  Their use of Jive Software’s Social Business platform could play really well into this.

DevLearn Day 2, Next

I’m looking forward to another round of sessions today.  Not the least of which will be finally getting to see all the buzz around Articulate’s long awaited follow-on to Articulate Studio.  That is, their Storyline eLearning authoring tool.  It’s not out on the shelves yet; but the industry is getting its first look at it this week at DevLearn.  And, from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty huge.

I’ll check back in again with you tomorrow with updates from today’s sessions.  In the meantime, I hope your week is going well.  And, don’t forget to go ahead and download the mindmap notes above.  See you tomorrow.

DevLearn ‘Day 0’ Recap – How to Create a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy (mLearning)

I really enjoyed Clark Quinn’s day-session yesterday on strategies for creating mLearning (mobile learning) programs.  While we didn’t really discuss as many case studies and lessons learned as I would have liked to, the methodologies, processes and collaborative ideas we did get into were pretty compelling.  Clark’s insights about mobile learning is very much worth following.  I mean, check out the summary highlights I put together for you in the mindmap below.  (Remember, it’s an interactive mindmap.  So, you have to use Adobe Reader (free) to view the highlights.)

And, if you want to learn more about Clark’s thoughts on mlearning, you can find out more here the LearnLets blogsite.

Nov 1 (Pre-conference): Meeting Highlights - How to Create a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy (v-1.0)|4.47 MB|downloads: 1069
You MUST use Adobe Reader (NOT Mac 'Preview' or other PC 'viewers') to view this document. This opens in an INTERACTIVE Mindmap viewer. It has expandable branches and live hyperlinks. (Source)

Feel free, obviously, to expand each branch in turn to see my notes.  But, let me point out a few specific areas you might want to focus on.  These are some of the areas I found especially compelling and actionable now.

  • Random Thoughts.  First of all, under “Random Thoughts,” check out the link-reference to a free downloadable iPhone app for a mobile learning primer, called Float.  In addition to a glossary and links to mLearning-related resources it also includes (curiously) some 20+ examples of mobile learning / and human performance support programs using mobile technology.  (Tip: These might be good fodder for creating mLearning case studies in future sessions.)
  • Mobile Characteristics.  Under “Mobile,” check out the branch labeled “4 Characteristics.”  An interesting point we discussed here is that, of the 4 characteristcs that can be abstracted across mobile capabilities, three of these aren’t unique to mobile but rather augment our performance wherever we are.  But, one of these characteristics can in fact do things that are unique to mobile, especially when combined with the other three.  Also under the Mobile branch are a series of diagrams Mr. Quinn presented that were similarly compelling for mLearning’s impact on organizations and its stages of capabilities.
  • Strategy.  Finally, a series of sub-branches under “Strategy” summarize a series of brainstorming exercises our group of 30, or so, colleagues did in breakout groups of 6-ish people.  Those items listed under “A-Team” represent ideas contributed by my team.  While those under “Crowd-sourced feedback” represent the ideas collectively contributed by those in the session.

In any case, if you have even a remote interest in mobile learning strategies, then I think you’ll find value in the interactive mindmap above.  No need to sign up for anything.  Just go over there and get it.

Do You Have Any mLearning Examples or Case Studies You Can Point Me To?

The header above speaks for itself.  Well?  Do you?  Please share.

Day 0 – What I’m Up To At the eLearningGuild’s DevLearn Conference 2011

DevLearn 2011

DevLearn Day 0:  Pre-Conference

I touched down last night in Las Vegas.  I’m here for the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn conference.  I’m pretty psyched about some of the sessions I’m lining up.  And, while I don’t have the full week planned out yet, I do think I’ve got today and tomorrow locked down pretty well.   Check out some of the session titles below.  If any of them sound even remotely interesting to you, then you’ll want to subscribe to my RSS updates.  I plan on sharing as much details as I can over the next few days.

Day 0:  Today, Monday, November 1

  • How to Create a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy.  I’ll be here pretty much all day today.  It’s a certification program.  Since I plan on doing some mobile deliveries of my screencasts and training programs in 2012, I think this should be pretty relevant, don’t you think?

Day 1:  Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2

  • Physics of the Future.  This is the keynote opener that will be presented by Michio Kaku.  (The Science Guy?  Right?)
  • Augmented Reality: The Next Dimension in Training.
  • Converting Face-to-Face Events to eLearning Products OR I was also thinking about Drinking Our Own Champagne: Using mLearning (mobile learning) for Sales Training
  • How Business is Using Virtual Synchronous Technology OR How the Cloud Impacts Your Job
  • Content Clouds – Beyond Hosting OR Evolving Your Face-to-Face Training Skills for the Virtual Classroom
  • Blended Learning: Innovative Solutions for a New Generation of Learners OR Co-designing Learning Strategies and Solutions with Business Leaders OR Use of Multimedia Instructional Design
  • Mobile Learning – Build Once, Deploy Across All Devices OR Reinventing the Virtual Classroom: Delivering Hands-on Training Using Cloud Computing
  • Beyond Software Simulation:  Using Captivate to reate Immersive Learning Experiences
  • Understanding How Cloud Computing Impacts SCORM 
  • Introducing Articulate(tm) Storyline
  • Living and Learning in the Cloud

As you can see, there were a few “ORs” in there.  I’ll definitely have some choices to make tomorrow.  But, one step at a time.  (If you have some thoughts about some of those options, let me know.)

I’ll touch base with you again after today’s session.   In the meantime, make sure and hit my RSS feed so you get notified of the highlights when I publish them.