What HD video camera do you recommend?

In this post over on the Digital-Know-How Blog, I summarized my typical response to the FAQ about “what video camera do you recommend…?”

Owing to the fact that each of us will have different values for what the highest and best intended uses are for our chosen camera, as well as the value we each expect to receive from it, I shared the decision matrix I sometimes use to help my friends focus on the best camera for them based on their–and your–highest and best intended uses.

The referenced article has the lowdown on the “how to” about the matrix.

In the meantime, below is a sample based on my preferences.  I’m publishing it under a creative commons copyright, so feel free to reproduce it for non-commercial purposes.   Or, if you’re an existing ScreencastingWizard subscriber (free) or a Digital-Know-How member (fee-based course) then you can go into the downloads/resources area and simply download the Excel worksheet.

hd camera selection decision support tool

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Do you already have a camera that you’re happy with?  What model do YOU recommend, and do you currently use all of its features?